About Josie’s Cozies

Do you like to read mysteries? When you choose a book, do you like an amateur sleuth who solves the murder not because it’s her job, but because someone she knows personally has been wrongly accused of the crime? Does this sleuth live in a small community or have a social network that feels like small town connections? Then you are a cozy mystery reader and I am writing this blog for you.

My name is Josie Reno, a fan of dead bodies in the library and an author hard at work on her first cozy mystery. While I am no stranger to writing for publication, jumping into a genre that I have loved since I picked up my first Nancy Drew is more than a little daunting. Therefore, I have decided to share my adoration of all things murder with fellow armchair amateur detectives. Here I’ll be talking about the cozy genre in general and the cozy mysteries I have read.

I’ll also be giving you a glimpse at my work-in-progress as I navigate the ups and downs of crafting a mystery that keeps you guessing until the last chapter.

Please join me as I travel this road to a completed novel. I suspect the way will be filled with challenges, but, as with anything in life, it’s all about the journey – but making it to my destination is pretty cool, too.